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PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:30 pm
by octaviad
Salaries are usually paid monthly or weekly. The compulsory payments of the employee, such as social insurance contributions, income tax and welfare fund and health care contributions, are withheld from the salary.
The minimum gross monthly wage is fixed at €698, rising to €741 after six months' in the employment.

The pay slip must state the employee's particulars, the basic salary, the deductions and the net salary. The usual method of payment is by a cheque accompanied by the pay slip. Alternatively, the salary may be paid into a bank account and the employee may be given just the pay slip.

In most cases there are 12 monthly salaries plus a 13th salary at Christmas. Some companies pay a 14th salary at Easter. If there is a collective agreement, payment is in accordance with those standards.

The company (employer) is responsible for paying in the employee's social insurance contributions and income tax. The employee is given information about the total deductions at the end of the year, and during the year the deductions are shown on the payslip.

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by Mimmy-Maria
Ce puţin se plăteşte!Am înţeles de pe la diferite persoane,că viaţa în Cipru,nu este tocmai ieftină şi mă întreb cum poţi trăi acolo cu un salariu aşa de mic?

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Please use only the English language in this section.

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ok boss,sorry!