Leave (annual leave, parental leave etc) Concediu de odihna

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Leave (annual leave, parental leave etc) Concediu de odihna

Postby octaviad » Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:44 pm

Leave (annual leave, parental leave etc)
The legislation provides 20 working days of leave for workers on a five-day week and 24 working days of leave for workers on a six-day week over a period of one year’s employment. The contract of employment or the collective agreement may give more days of leave (with pay). Workers request the leave and take it when the needs of the company permit.
The number of official holidays, on which offices and organisations are closed, varies from 14 to 17 annually.

Sickness leave is fixed by agreement between employers and employees through collective or individual agreements. A worker who does not receive sick pay from his employer is entitled to sickness benefit from the Social Insurance Fund under certain conditions.
Eighteen weeks of maternity leave are given. Nine weeks must be given before the period commencing two weeks before the expected date of the birth. An adoptive mother is entitled to 14 weeks of maternity leave from when she takes over the care of the child.
Both the father and the mother are entitled to parental leave. A parent who has worked for a company for more than six months is entitled to parental leave of up to 13 weeks after a birth or adoption in order to attend to the care and raising of the child. The law also provides for leave for reasons of force majeure (e.g. ill dependents) until the child is six.

If you are studying for a degree you should be aware that some companies grant leave for that sort of thing. Whether or not such leave is granted is up to the employer. The leave is usually granted to enable the employee to obtain professional qualifications (e.g. certified accountants) or qualifications which enhance his work skills. If you are thinking of continuing your studies, it is advisable to come to an agreement with your employer before making any plans.

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