Representation of workers

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Representation of workers

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Representation of workers
The system of industrial relations in Cyprus is based on voluntary regulation of relations by employers’ associations and trade unions. The right of labour to organise is safeguarded, and employees are protected against the possibility of dismissal because of union membership.

Matters pertaining to collective negotiations, collective agreements and the settlement of disputes and the conditions governing the calling of strikes and the imposition of lockouts are regulated by the Industrial Relations Code.
Many workers are members of a union. Negotiations between unions and employers’ associations culminate in collective agreements which determine the terms of employment, including payment levels and increases. The agreements are usually renewed every three years. They are usually concluded at branch level and implemented at the enterprises of the branch.
The largest trades unions in Cyprus are:
• ΣΕΚ – Συνομοσπονδία Εργατών Κύπρου [SEK – Cyprus Workers' Federation]
• ΠΕΟ – Παγκύπρια Εργατική Ομοσπονδία [PEO – Pan-Cyprian Federation of Labour]
• ΔΕΟΚ –Δημοκρατική Εργατική Ομοσπονδία Κύπρου [DEOK – Democratic Labour Federation of Cyprus]
• ΠΑΣΥΔΥ – Παγκύπρια Συντεχνία Δημοσίων Υπαλλήλων [PASYDY – Pan-Cyprian Public Employees' Trade Union]
• ΕΤΥΚ – Ένωση Τραπεζικών Υπαλλήλων Κύπρου [ETYK – Cyprus Union of Bank Employees]
The main employers' and professional organisations are:
• Ομοσπονδία Εργοδοτών και Βιομηχάνων Κύπρου (ΟΕΒ) [Employers' and Industrialists' Federation of Cyprus]
• Κυπριακό Εμπορικό και Βιομηχανικό Επιμελητήριο (ΚΕΒΕ) [Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry]
The trades unions have branch representations (e.g. for building workers, hotel employees and many others).

For more information contact the Department of Labour Relations in Cyprus (Tel. +357 22 450 500/1).

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