St. Georges car renting

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St. Georges car renting

Postby mariano » Fri May 13, 2005 12:03 pm

Every employee who join AMDOCS is entitled to rent a car for maximum 2 weeks in first 2 months from joining. Usually you can choose any company but AMDOCS recommends you St. Georges(25563077). Anyway, there are some high limits for each car class (small, medium,large class). I rented from them a Hyundai Accent, a pretty bad car but of course they have also good cars. This was because I rented among last peoples and last cars are usually not in a good condition. You can choose to bring the car anywhere and you will let the car in the same place (after rent time is expiring). You have to pay in advance car renting, insurance and one fuel tank. Refund is normally only for car renting but there are cases where they refund even fuel tank. You have to have full insurance but first 500 pounds you should pay in case of accident.
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Postby GoodBoy » Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:05 pm

Last year when I rented my car, I notice that in case of accident I have to pay maximum 200cyp. So it look like this 'fee' dropped from 500cyp to 200cyp.
I did not try (and still don't know none) who rent an expensive car for few day, but in the same budget that Amdocs allow and get his money back.
The procedure to rent a car should take less than 10'.
Be aware that during summer or public holidays the car renting companies are raising the prices.
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