Cyprus Driving License Test - Some Informations

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Cyprus Driving License Test - Some Informations

Postby realwahl » Wed May 11, 2005 5:11 pm


This mail is intended to those who are planning to go for "Cyprus Driving License" test. Many of us are in the impression even if we have our own car, its better to go in Instructor car. I would like to clarify that this is not true. In fact if you go in your car, examiner may get a better impression that you are already driving on Cyprus roads.

Also many of us think that even if we go in our own car we need to pay 50 CYP to instructor. This is required only if he/she comes there with you for the test. He/She does not do anything there on the test day except coming with you to the license office. My experience says it doesn't help us anyway and it is only waste of money (50 CYP).

Based on my experience, here is the best way for Cyprus Driving License:
When you take the driving class from the instructor make a deal that he/she has to apply for your Learners License. For the learners license the instructor will charge around 15 CYP. Make sure that you collect the receipt from the instructor. Your Driving test date will be mentioned in this receipt and you need this on the test day. Take classes till you are comfortable. Please make sure that instructor teaches you: round-about rules, left-reverse, right-reverse, parallel-parking, three point turn, traffic signal rules etc. Before 4-5 days of your test, call any insurance agent and take a driving test insurance against your car. This will cost you 10 CYP.

On the driving test day, go to the same place where your instructor took you while taking learners license. Reach there 5-10 minutes before and wait till examiner calls you. Remember to take following documents with you:
    Insurance cover note mentioned above
    Learners License
    Receipt mentioning test day and time
    Pink Slip
    Alien Book
    Your Car Log book

Once you clear the test there will be two women outside the license office selling covers. Since the application for final license (Europe License) is in Greek, you can request any of these two women to fill the form for you. They will charge 1 CYP for that. Take the filled form and go to the office in ground floor to take your license. For final license you need to pay 35 CYP and a passport size photograph. (You need to pay this 35 CYP even if you go with instructor. This is License fee and is separate from 50 CYP instructor fee.)

The above points are just to share my experience and not to convince you in any way. You can take your own decision on this. You can contact me if you need any other details.

(Informations provided by Pankaj Baishya)

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Postby prm » Wed May 11, 2005 8:30 pm

On the driving test day do not forget to stick on your own car 2 labels with 'L' signs painted in red...otherwise the examinator may refuse to get into the car.
The labels can be bought from the lady at the entrance for 2CYP and you have to stick one label in front of the car and the other in the back side, in the same way like instructor's car has.


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Re: Cyprus Driving License Test - Some Informations

Postby Willett_10 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:35 pm

Thank you very much dear for sharing your experience with driving license test. Keep sharing such posts. I am also getting driving lessons from Port Macquarie Driving School and would be taking driving test in the next month. My instructor also shares informative things related to practical tests and those will be very useful for me.

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